Ośno Lubuskie – golden hour panorama

I was lucky enought to see Osno with its first summer foggy morning.

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How to organize pictures on hard drive and Lightroom?

Fox, Lis

I was truly excited once I’ve created this blog. That was an opportunity for me to showcase my best pictures. Today, 4 days since trzeci::photo is up and running I have posted a few pictures of fieldfare only. How come? I have ~6000 of pictures on my computer!

That comment partially answered that. I have too many pictures and those are almost unorganized, so that choosing showcase pictures was impossible. This post explains how I cleaned up this mess using Lightroom and some time.

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Vision about trzeci::photo page.


Blackbird female

Blackbird female


First of all I would like to greet you and say sorry for the current state. I am hobbyist of photography and this page is a guinea pig to test how I would like to share with you with my work.

While I’m struggling with a format of this page I kind of clarified what this page means for me and what I would like to share, that is.


  • Create a catalogue with birds, mammals or places.
  • Share my learning about photography
  • Share my tools, especially in terms of managing big collections of photos.
  • Help for others to create a simple – wordpress based portfolios where there will be not needed to pay hundreds of $ for plugins.


The trzeci::photo is a dedicated to photography page that helps to to share my work to the Internet.


Fingers crossed!

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